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Be our Partner

Why struggle with that low income?
Lean on GOSGRA!
Join our marketing team and earn over N500,000 monthly.
No certificate needed because we will train you to sell.
it all starts from here!!!

E-mail: info@gosgraprperties.com
Tel: 08091888888


As an independent partner to Gosgra Properties and Investment Limited, I agree to join the partners’ network plan and hereby agree to the following terms.

  1. A partner is expected to meet a minimum monthly target sales of five (5) plots of land or a building, which can be achieved through direct sales or through the introduction of other independent partners (who are hereby called agents) under his/her direct link to achieve same.
  2. With the latter option, an independent partner is expected to regularly liaise with his/her agents to ensure that his/her name remains visible on the sales register at least, once in two months.
  3. An independent partner remains entitled to commissions from agents on his/her down line as long as a sales is recorded by his/her agents within the quarter. In case no sales is recorded either directly or through his/her agents within the quarter, the independent partner henceforth ceases to enjoy the commission from new sales by his/her agents that may be brought from the fourth month. Although, such independent partner can build a new set of agents underneath him/her from whom he/she can get the commission benefit. Such partner is still entitled to commissions on instalment he/she might have initiated before the ban.
  4. An independent partner is entitled to 2% commission from his/her agents monthly sales, and 10% from his/her direct sales, while the agents are entitled to 8% of their direct sales only, except they have down lines from whom they are equally entitled to 2% commission from their sales. Only an independent partner attached to the company’s corporate sales department gets 10% from their sales.
  5. Agents are free to register other agents underneath them to make them entitled to similar commission as the independent partner who recommended them. The commission such agents generate from their down line will in no wise be shared with the independent marketer that introduced them initially.
  6. To avoid conflict, it is best for independent partners to personally ensure that their agents fill our forms correctly, and indicate their names on the forms as this is the only way issues can be resolved in case there is any.
  7. Please note that both the agent and his/her independent partner will be held liable for any misinformation given to clients according to paragraph D of the termination of agreement previously signed.

This is accepted by me; ………………………………………………….. Sign and date ………………………….