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Gosgra Finance Limited is a subsidiary of Gosgra Properties & Investment Limited. Is a Limited Liability Company, incorporated on 9th of April, 2013 by the Companies and Allied Matters Decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry on business as financiers of Real Estate, property and project development, to loan or advance money to any person or corporation, to engage in found sourcing and procurement etc.

“Gosgra Finance” is aim at putting back the value of your investment back into your account with little interest. That means you can have your property and still have the money in your business this is the first of its kind in Nigeria. We hereby invite you to come on board and enjoy mutually benefiting relationship.


We offer a suite of specialized and tailored financial services to both individuals and corporate bodies. These are broadly categorized as follows:

Our business loans are targeted at providing quick funds to business concerns towards meeting deadlines and attaining profitability and growth. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver within the shortest possible time within the industry (72 hours) while we strive to even do much better than this.
Our business loan structures are simple; flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the clients with little or no hassles.
The tailored loan types under the business loan category are:


Are you out of stocks?, do you want to be more efficient in your business?.  Improve your working capital position in a unique way at attractive interest rates.


While waiting for the disbursement of an approved loan or financial package from the conventional banks or other sources of funding; our clients may avail themselves the opportunity to utilize this facility in order not to lose time on their projects.


This is a quick financial response to LPOs, Project and contract finances. We meet your contract deadlines; make your contract originators happy and proud of you at a price of winning more deals.

We understand that individuals (self employed/paid employments; etc) would have personal needs arising from time to time (house rent; school fees; etc). we believe these are short term urgent needs that our clients need not worry themselves about and as such we are positioned to meeting the needs and ensuring our clients keeps smiling day in day out.
The loan type under this category includes:


This product is designed to assist salaried workers who need funds urgently to meet pressing personal financial obligations.

Our lease facilities are structured to cater for both business (equipments/vehicles/plants & machineries) and leisure (personal cars; home appliances) asset needs. The structure and repayment terms are quite flexible and are tailored to ensure stress free repayment over a period of time.
This broad category has 2 main loan types as follows:


This product is designed to support corporate organizations, small scale businesses, institutions, salaried and non salaried workers to be proud owners of assets for either personal or commercial purposes with low interest rate.


This is an unrestricted auto finance deal at a low interest rate geared towards assisting salaried and non salaried workers, corporate organizations, enterprises and institutions to own vehicles for either personal or commercial purposes.


  • We provide free financial advisory services to our clients aimed at ensuring business survival; growth and expansion as we believe that we are in business only if you and your business continue to thrive.